Field Report - Infill & Redevelopment Committee Meeting


Meeting Brief

10/5/2016, 10:30am
200 East Main Street - 5th floor

Meeting Overview:

This meeting focused on the future of the Infill and Redevelopment Committee. Members discussed the purpose of the committee, with many indicating it was useful as a “community sounding board”. 

Main Issues Discussed:

  • High cost of parking in infill and redevelopment zone
  • Ways to highlight investment outcomes
  • Housing Market Study being undertaken by he Downtown Development Authority, Property Valuation Administrator, the Home Builders Association, and the Fayette Alliance 
  • Need for new committee members
  • Updates on Derek Paulsen’s research collecting building permits and fair cash values to determine impact of redevelopment on neighborhing property values

Committee's Next Steps:

  1. Committee will review the projects list in the Summary Report
  2. Committee will suggest potential co-chair candidates and new members
  3. Derek Paulsen will continue research
  4. Staff will aggregate legacy documents of Infill & Redevelopment Committee

When is the next Infill & Redevelopment Committee meeting?

No Meeting scheduled

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What is the Infill & Redevelopment Committee?

The Infill and Redevelopment Committee is an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Planning Commission that deals with issues of development within Lexington’s Urban Core.

Who is on the Infill & Redevelopment Committee?

  • Steve Kay, Vice Mayor
  • Councilmember James Brown
  • Derek Paulsen, Commission of Planning
  • Janice Westlund, Senior Planner
  • Jimmy Emmons, Senior Planner
  • Judy Needham, University of Kentucky
  • Stan Harvey, Lord Aeck Sargent
  • Jeff Fugate, Lexington Downtown Development Authority

Who can I talk to about the Infill & Redevelopment Committee?

Nathan Dickerson, Legislative Aide to Vice Mayor Steve Kay

Phone: (859) 258-3202