ProgressLex’s campaign will see a transformation of ProgressLex’s EngageLex Fellowship program - a 5 part seminar started in 2013 that sought to equip grassroots leaders with a toolbox of skills that strengthened their voices.


ProgressLex will revive the Fellowship program in 2018, with the goal of training new civic leadership, and creating knowledge exchanges between existing political structures, grassroots organizations, and citizens who do not yet have civic leadership roles.

Civic Manual & Curriculum

Understanding the processes behind local democracy is an important first step towards building more competent civic leadership. ProgressLex will work with lawmakers, advocacy groups, and everyday citizens to design an easy-to-understand civics manual that is place-specific to Lexington. 

This manual will be available through the ProgressLex website, and will also be made into a curriculum for educators in Fayette County Public Schools.