CivicLex is a partnership between ProgressLex and Under-Main.

Issue Hub

In today’s information overload, it can be difficult to access clear and accurate data on civic issues by piecing together local journalism, social media chatter, and rumors. 

CivicLex’s Issue Hub will be a web platform that serves as a central point for information about specific civic issues. Each issue will be given individual pages that will centralize differing perspectives on the issue, relevant legislation, local press coverage, examples from similar communities, a history of the issue, and more.

It will be paired with in-depth reporting about the issue from CivicLex. All information will be filterable by parties involved, locations impacted, and more.

Direct Engagement Strategies

Online platforms are great, but access to them can be limited. That’s why we are making CivicLex a multi-modal platform that doesn’t just exist on the internet. 

CivicLex’s Direct Engagement strategies are a set of tools to engage the public directly with the civic process.


CivicLex On Air will be a weekly radio show hosted on WEKU - FM that covers relevant issues. It will feature interviews with individuals involved in civic issues - and a call-in component throughout the show.


CivicCast is a network of linked displays that highlight place-based civic information in public spaces throughout Lexington. CivicLex will partner with CivicCast to grow and utilize their network throughout Lexington.


Each city government board and committee meeting that is attended by CivicLex journalists will be livestreamed through CivicLex’s Social Media accounts. This will allow for both direct citizen participation through social media commentary and the ability to review meetings after they happen.


CivicLex Town Halls will bring together stakeholders and everyday citizens to discuss specific issues. CivicLex Town Halls will be free of charge, with a suggested donation of $5.